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Virus/Spyware Removal

Clicked a link you weren't sure of lately? Opened a suspicious e-mail? No matter how you get them, viruses and spyware are not only a nuisance, but in some cases can be a personal security risk. Getting rid of these problems sooner is always better. BluLine Tech finds the root of the problem, and removes it while it sleeps. Afterwards we follow up with a thorough cleanup to ensure that the threat left nothing behind.

(and we promise not to tell your mother where you got the virus from!)

System Cleaning

Computers (especially prefabricated PC's) are born cluttered with any amount of "free" or "promotional" programs. Other times these unwanted programs are unintentionally installed as part of a package. You won't notice most of these extra programs during the lifetime of your system until you have accumulated an abundance of them. With BluLine Tech's system cleaning, all the unwanted programs, the unnecessary updating, forgotten temporary files, and much more unused data will be whisked away. This not only gives you more room to install the programs you like, but gives your computer the space to run at the speeds it was built for.

System Optimization

Making sure your computer's vital software is running all of the latest versions, and that your computer's filing system is neat and orderly, are absolute essentials to keeping your system running like new. BluLine Tech's system optimization makes sure your hardware is in its peak working order, your important software is as up-to-date as possible, and your space is utilized to its fullest extent.

General Trouble Shooting

Compatibility, minimum and recommended hardware requirements, screen resolutions, user account control, encryption, it can all be very confusing, and that's only the beginning of possible problems. Like any good investigator, BluLine Tech will whittle away the possible causes until we find and correct the problem at hand.

Operating System Installation

Sometimes things have just gotten so cluttered or infected in your computer that it's time for a fresh start. Maybe you're just looking to upgrade to a newer operating system. Whatever the case, BluLine Tech will completely remove your old operating system, install your new operating system, bring it up-to-date, and enable all compatible hardware.

(Note: Original Copies of Operating System CD/DVD media is a necessity)

Printer Troubleshooting

Printers: the little boxes on our desks that make the computer screen become a reality on paper. These ink-thirsty machines can be just as much of a pain as they make our world easy. Jams, no connection, power, and print queue issues can all be cleared up with a simple call to BluLine Tech.

Wired & Wireless Network Setup

Cables or not, networking and network security has many complex dimensions. With a properly configured and organized network, everything from printer to file sharing can be a breeze. Whether you need an initial setup or a quick checkup for your current network, BluLine Tech will review all the details of your network to make sure there are no security vulnerabilities and ensure all connections are working properly.

Hardware & Software Installation

Hardware is very delicate, and should be installed carefully in a controlled environment. The same can go for specialized software. Sometimes it's just nice to know that an installation has been completed by a professional, and that's where BluLine Tech comes in to help. We'll carefully install whatever upgrades you may need, and verify that they are running properly. All you'll have to do is rest assured that your hardware or software has been installed correctly.

Hardware & Software Consultation

With technology constantly growing in leaps and bounds it can be a little overwhelming knowing what programs do what, who makes a good CPU, which type of RAM is the most reasonably price, or even what a CPU and RAM are. That's where BluLine Tech comes in. We're happy to sit with you, listen to your needs, show you your options, and help you decide what upgrades are best for you. And the best part is, we do it completely free of charge!

Free Consultation

Questions? Confused? Just want some advice or curious what it will take to get your system straightened out? Feel free to contact us right away. Our goal is to help you, not take your money!

Free On-Site Calls

Either here or there, we're glad to help you anywhere!